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Athol Foden

Athol Foden came to the San Francisco Bay area many years ago as a field support engineer while attempting to work his way around the world. After his next onward job fell through, he eventually migrated down the peninsula to Silicon Valley where he found many kindred spirit propeller heads, even as his own career evolved more into a technical sales and marketing role.

He was a very successful product manager because he always understood the technology (mostly because he was still hacking on it when no one was watching), had a bias towards the customers because of his sales experience, and was blessed with a natural gift for communicating messages clearly and succinctly. An entertaining public speaker, and for many years a popular marketing lecturer for U.C. Extension in Silicon Valley, Athol gets plenty of first hand feedback and practice in advising propeller heads who are trying to grasp marketing quickly.

Always seeking new creative endeavors, Athol has become fascinated with the science and psychology of marketing and dealing with influencers in all developer and sales roles. His own career has thus evolved into branding and marketing consulting and development, and he has made his hobby (a long fascination with names) into a business. In 1992 he co-founded NameTrade. When it was merged into Cintara he became their V.P. Branding before leaving to pursue some consumer marketing for a change.

In 2002 he started Brighter Naming, perhaps the only naming agency in the world headed by someone with two computer science degrees. This agency has grown to encompass a lot more than high-tech startups and their products, including biotech, travel, retail, consumer, fashion, services, telecom, properties, pharmaceuticals and many other fields.

Athol M. Foden is the author of numerous naming, branding, marketing and trademark articles. Please see - where he is also the chief name critic.

Follow his naming blog: where he rants and raves, or cheers and jeers, about all current naming issues.

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Titles by Athol include:

Brighter SEO - Organic Search Engine Optimization

Brighter Branding - Branding for the Average Propeller Head

Brighter Names - Naming for the Average Propeller Head

Spreadsheet Marketing - Planning for Success

Emergency Golf - How to Survive Your First Rounds

Ben Foden Marketing consultant

Ben Foden

Ben Foden is a college graduate with an International Business degree (and Japanese minor). Even while at college he was a web consultant and part time product manager for some software companies.

Even more so than others his age, Ben is a prolific social networking practitioner and has successfully used blogging and online competitions to do complete worldwide product launches.

He now splits his time between being a naming consultant for Brighter Naming, being a product manager for a Japanese software company, and doing all the graphics development for Bathy Games. See his occasional blog on modern business and technology trends at

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