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Kyra Dawson

Kyra Dawson has dreamed of being a writer and author since she was eight years old. There hasn't been a time in her life when she doesn’t remember not having that dream. She has always wanted to create stories that would entertain, move you to laugh, and even touch your heart.

She makes her home in Vancouver, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. In fact, Persimmon, his friends, and their world were inspired by one of the many excursions through Stanley Park and the up close and personal interactions with the animal inhabitants of the park.

You can learn more about Persimmon and his friends at and follow Persimmon on Twitter @PersimmonTales to see the latest goings on of Persimmon and the gang.

Kyra has a knack for creating names and taglines, and is also a blogger, editor, freelance writer, and now an author. She reviews books, movies, and is a regular contributor for  

In her spare time you can find Kyra watching movies, reading, enjoying nature, or spinning tales. She is a mother of one precocious Youngling, a fuzzy cat who thinks he’s a person, and a feisty fish who likes kissing. A lover of fairy tales, myths, and magic, Kyra has always believed that dreams really do come true.

Visit Kyra at or You can follow her on Twitter @BrighterScribe or @TheScribesDesk, and you can be her friend via Brighter Scribe on Facebook. You can send her an email with your questions or comments to She would love to hear from you.

Titles by Kyra include:

Tale of the Lost Swan Egg


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