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If you are not a dummy, but were too busy studying science or engineering or finance to cover branding in college, here is the practical, tactical cookbook to get you up to speed fast that is based on good sound, simple to understand strategies.

There are many books on branding for the experts, usually based on the big consumer brands. This book is for the educated person, enterpreneur, graphics designer or marketeer who never studied the subject in college. And doesn't want to now.

It is for those who just want to learn quickly how to get their brand plan right and then get on with their business. And spend little, or nothing, on advertising.

A must-read for every new product or marketing manager in small and medium size businesses - especially in technology sectors.

Ideal for the CEO who does not have a marketing background. Load it on your laptop and read on the plane - and or get hard copy version and keep it handy as a reference.

Discover: Brands are promises - not name or logos or words or taglines or strategies.

Analyze: Quickly find your brand values and position. Simple discovery methodologies any team can implement.

Implement: Why branding permeates all your company, customers and partners and how to easily enforce it.

Strategy: Branding is not your business plan, mission or values. So how do you grow its value?

Protect: From the service department to manufacturing and accounting, to all of engineering and marketing, it is easy to grow your brand if you inspire and lead (and understand yourself).

Product or Services: Branding through product design and actions, not marketing dollars.

Methodologies: Based on the experienced practices of good consultants. Now you don't have to pay them a lot of money to tell you all of this.

Suitability: For every manager in the company, even if their propeller head normally spins to a different tune. An easy read that is practical and down to earth.

Unsuitable: Not for big consumer giants with their own megabrands and very experienced brand marketing professionals.

Caution: May offend some of your creative agencies - because it involves the whole company not just one rah rah department or campaign. And it certainly is not about spending more money.


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