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Brighter Branding - Branding for the Average Propeller Head

May 19, 2003. Silicon Valley, CA: Foden Press today announced the release of Athol Foden's latest book "Brighter Branding - Branding for the Average Propeller Head." Specifically targeted at people who are not dummies, but nevertheless have never studied marketing or branding, it seeks to entertain while educating. This easy read is also ideal for graphics artists, advertisers and P.R. professionals who still confuse branding with simply verbal and graphics treatments.

Now that the technology startup branding hype era is over, it is time for busy executives and management to quickly learn the basics of real branding. Even if they are in very technical arenas, even if their product or services are never sold to consumers or sit on a store shelf. As products evolve quickly, brands are the one company consistency, so someone needs to pay some attention to the subject, and this practical, tactical book will bring them up to speed quickly.

"Brands are not logos or names or advertising campaigns," said Athol Foden. "They are promises of an experience. Which means they can be created, grown and controlled if only you know what to do and pay attention to some simple details. In this book I try to illustrate how you can create it, and then make it the golden thread that runs through all your product, marketing, support and sales decisions."

Athol Foden is the president of Brighter Naming (, as well as a popular marketing lecturer for U.C. Extension in Silicon Valley.

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