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NOW with FREE supplement. Available in print, ebook and Kindle formats.
Professional Creative Name Generation Tricks (see below)

Run Naming Projects like a Pro!

All the steps, and the complete methodology, professional naming agencies use to bring a whole management team into agreement on a new company, product or service name.

Ideal for the in-house company project when you think you have enough talent - with all the forms and worksheets and checks. To get results. To do the searches. To clear trademark checks. To keep the boss in the loop.

Save thousands in legal fees by doing your owns searches right. Understand all the issues in plain English so you know when and how to work with trademark counsel.

Have fun finding the perfect, legal, moniker.

Ideal for the small business who can't afford, and has never seen, a formal creative process to develop a suitable and available name.

business naming book


Find the perfect name for your company, product or service

Stop pulling out your hair. Good name generation and selection is complicated. Here is the guide you need.

Save many, many hours of wasted management time by following a proven process that brings concensus to the team.

Discover how to involve a complete naming team.

Save thousands in legal fees by doing your own name searches right.

See many name successes and name errors. Avoid the major blunders and costly downstream problems.

Learn how to register and launch your name right.

Find direct links to all the agencies you need to search - and tips and tricks for many more.

Become your own project manager. Even if you have never run a creative project before.

Use the included forms and worksheets to show management your professional skill in gaining convergence.

All the secrets most Pros don't want to share - because now you can do it yourself!

Proven process that has been used in numerous real naming projects in high tech, finance, fashion, healthcare, food, retail, sports and industrial fields.

FREE SUPPLEMENT: Professional Creative Name Generation Tricks

Still stumped for a name?

Struggling with the creative part?

Not enough names on your master list?

Going around and around with the same few root words?

How do the pro's coin those new words that sound so English-like?

All these answers and tricks in this new supplement. For many these few pages alone are worth the price of the book!

Included Free and also available immediately as part of the download of version 2.0 of Brighter Names.

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