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Brighter Names
Naming for the average propeller head V2.0



Find out how to run a naming process, so you can self-discover the right name for your company or product.

No budget for naming help? Forced to do it yourself?

How do the professional namers come up with good names that are legally and linguistically clean? Names that make marketing sense for their target audience?

Complete Index

Business naming primer

1. Naming Reality

2. Name Styles

3. Name Changes

4. Name Errors

5. Name Successes

6. Brand Values

7. Preparation Tools

8. Name Process

9. Name Development

10. Name Checking

11. Name Selection

12. More Name Checking

13. Final Name Selections

14. Linguistics

15. Phonetics

16. Even More Name Checking

17. Winner Selection

18. Name Registration

19. Logos

20. Name Launch

21. Name Preservation

22. Resources

SUPPLEMENT: Professional creative name generation tricks

Serious chapters for a serious company naming project.
But all written in a light-hearted and easy-to-read style.
Plus the worksheet and forms.

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How to do it. By people who have done it.

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