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Brighter Names - Naming for the Average Propeller Head


March 30th, 2004. Silicon Valley, CA: Foden Press today announced the release of Athol Foden's latest book "Brighter Names - Naming for the Average Propeller Head." Specifically targeted at people who are struggling to come up with a new name, that is legally clean, and embodies the right marketing image, this book lays out the complete process professional namers use to create names and get management convergence.

Every day it becomes harder to name your company, product or service. After all, the need for names is growing at a much faster rate than the English language. Plus people are becoming more vigilant at protecting and using their trademarks because more of them now realize the value in their intellectual property. So it is not just enough to find a name. Someone to do all the search groundwork to ensure you really can own it clear and free from any legal challenges or market confusion.

"The days of using a pencil and fat dictionary to come up with names are long gone," said Athol Foden. "This book will let the small guy have the same methodology knowledge as the professionals. Plus it will serve founders and internal project managers in companies of all sizes who don't have any budgets for outside agencies."

Athol Foden is the president of Brighter Naming ( as well as a popular marketing lecturer for U.C. Extension in Silicon Valley. Many years ago he turned his fascination with names and languages into a professional career in this specific niche area.

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