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Brighter Names V2.0 Naming for the Average Propeller Head

Includes FREE Supplement on Professional Creative Name Generation Tricks.


July 25th, 2006. Silicon Valley, CA: Foden Press today announced the 2.0 release of Athol Foden's eBook "Brighter Names - Naming for the Average Propeller Head." Specifically targeted at people who are struggling to come up with a new name, that is legally clean, and embodies the right marketing image, this book lays out the complete process professional namers use to create names and get management convergence. Bundled with this revised and updated version of the book there is also a free supplement to help people coin new words for names without the ideas becoming too abstract.

Previous users of this eBook have commented on how they love the discipline, process and hints in the book, but sometimes have still said how they struggle with the step to generate lots of initial names. Others, especially individuals with their own startup, have said they don't need the process so much as more creative ideas. Hence the new supplement, which some might use standalone as an inspirational template for coining new names that sound like they belong in the dictionary.

"Professional namers are like professional photographers," said Athol Foden. "Anyone can take a picture, but for those special occasions you need a professional. But a good alternative is also a serious amateur who has studied the creative side of the task, and has the discipline to learn the delivery side. This book is a great tool for the serious amateur, and will save them and their company many wasted hours and legal fees."

Athol Foden is the president of Brighter Naming ( as well as a popular marketing lecturer for U.C. Extension in Silicon Valley. Many years ago he turned his fascination with names and languages into a professional career. Today Brighter Naming is a busy agency handle technology, industrial and consumer naming issues worldwide, while still catering to the naming needs of small businesses.

Based in Silicon Valley, Foden Press is an independent publisher of books and articles that meet their criterion of How to do it. By people who have done it. Other titles in the series include Brighter Branding: Branding for the Average Propeller Head and Spreadsheet Marketing: Planning for Success. They may be reached at or 650-704-8181.

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