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Emergency Golf
How to survive your first rounds










A basic guide for those who have never played before and don't have time for lessons. So that you have a bit more success than me - the world's (former) worst beginner.

A crib sheet so you don't embarrass yourself too much.



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      1 - Golf reality
      2 - Equipment – most of which you don’t need
      3 - Very basic tricks – that work
      4 - Holding hands with yourself
      5 - Straight left arm – for as long as you can
      6 - Head down – not where ball is going
      7 - Cutting off the neck – not hitting the head
      8 - Sweeping the ball off the grass
      9 - Pre swing routine
      10 - Pendulum putting
      11 - Bunkers away! Getting out of the sand
      12 - Brain power – not brawn
      13 - Survival etiquette
      14 - Practice for free (well almost)
      15 - Resources

Serious chapters for a serious would-be golfer.
But all written in a light-hearted and easy-to-read style.

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How to do it. By people who have done it.

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