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Emergency Golf
How to survive your first few rounds









  • If you have to play golf next week at the company sales meeting.
  • If you are invited to play golf with a key client this weekend.
  • If your favorite Uncle Harry is coming to town and asked you to join him for a round on Friday.
  • If a good friend has invited you to join them for a round next week on vacation.
  • And you have never played before.

Then you might just have a golf emergency!

This little basic basic primer will not teach you golf. But it might just help you survive your first few rounds without making too much of a fool of yourself. If nothing else, you will understand golf lingo and know how to keep out of the way and not hold up the others.

First you have to survive. Then you can learn and grow and progress and enjoy golf at a whole other level.

I was the world's worst beginner. You should not have to take so long or look so foolish. At least read this booklet on the plane to the sales meeting or vacation spot.

Golf is not played with an innate natural swing - even though it looks that way. There are a few key very basic terms and hints here that might stop you from acting like a real doofus. You may even enjoy the game enough to then take proper lessons and have fun.

excel marketing plans

basic golf clubs for beginner

quarter swing check golf position

ball flies off tee if struck below center

getting out of sand bunker

Some of us just have the urge to go out and hit something. And for years I wanted to go out and play golf. But even a trip to the driving range was so disgusting (and hurt so much) I wouldn’t come back for five or seven years.

Then I would have to play at some company function with a rented big bag of sticks and make a complete fool of myself. After all, how hard could it be (see above)? I am intelligent. I have even played a lot of other sports. I can see what you have to do. Sure. Mostly it was disaster or luck. And all the big golf books or videos where overwhelming.

But finally I stopped being stubborn and tried to just learn one lesson or trick occasionally. And very, very slowly the lights went on, and one day I realized I was finally in control of the game, instead of vice versa. Luckily I had time on my hands or I never would have made it ever. Now I am compelled to help others so they do not suffer and struggle like I did.

This book is not filled with great wisdom and shortcuts and magic solutions. Nor will it overwhelm you with the science of a swing or golf equipment, all of which have been analyzed about as much as the space program.

It is a different viewpoint - from someone who really struggled and struggled, not from a sports jock who took naturally to the sport or learned at his father's knee.

Rather than try to teach you everything that would normally be covered in an introductory set of lessons, this book tries to help you understand some key fundamentals - including items experienced golfers take for granted and so they never discuss them with neophytes.

Download this book today and read it on the way to the sales conference or business meeting. You are still going to struggle as a beginner in golf, but at least you won't make a complete idiot of yourself, nor will you anger your playing partners by holding them up too much. You may even be able to fake some conversations so they think you know what you are talking about!

Learn the most important single lesson in golf

See why the pros stand up so much taller than amateurs

Discover why bunkers need not be feared and can be fun

Save a fortune on unnecessary equipment

Enjoy your first few rounds, then take lessons later

Speak the daily golf course parlance

Put your brain to work, rather than your muscles

Prepare before you get to the course

Control your clubs so you control your anger

Surprise them with your long putting

Work your way intelligently around the course

Have some fun and enjoy your walk in the sun

Print edition ISBN 978-1-937972-04-2

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