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I Have A Calling
Must know ingredients for success









  • Where am I going?
  • What are my key personality traits?
  • How do I react in different situations?
  • What do I enjoy doing?
  • Where can I get ideas and inspirations?
  • What is the process for discovering yourself?
  • And your purpose in life?
  • And your potential new career?

Throughout this book, edited now into a workbook with plenty of space to jot your answers to your own discovery points, Mary uses the Scriptures to help and encourage you.

She is a strong believer that God has a purpose for all of us... but many do not know what it is and we have just drifted into careers we don't enjoy. If we want to be successful and happy then we have to get to know ourselves and our interaction with fellow men and women.

While we are all unique, we are also all children of God and many much wiser people have walked these roads before.

This book is also ideal for counselors and group leaders in any career or personal situation, especially where there is at least some modicum of belief in Christianity.

Available worldwide through, or your local bookseller. If not on the shelf, ask them to order it from Ingram Micro. ISBN # 978-1-937972-05-9

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