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I Have a Calling
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I Have a Calling released in print format
Mary Wamaitha's workbook guides your life with help of the scriptures

Mar 27, 2013. Calif. Foden Press today announced the release of Mary Wamaitha's book titled "I Have A Calling: Must Know Ingredients for Success." Originally written as mainly a set of exhortations from Mary and the Scriptures to motivate readers and start themstarted on a new career direction, the book has now been edited into a structured workbook by Greg Marus. As a result, anyone can directly work in the book and answer the challenging questions to help you discover your career and life goals and motivations. More importantly it illustrates a methodology for working through the myriad choices we face today with numerous biblical references to encourage us along this journey of life.

An early reviewer of the book, Rosie Reay says "I must say Mary even though I do not practice my religion (I know! I know!) I did find comfort, calmness and  even hope and inspiration from your writings in dealing with my bereavement of my late husband - for me to accept what has happened as being life´s cycle and to move forward; to focus on other activities and once more to apply myself to my writings. For this I say a big thank you Mary."

Athol Foden, Publisher, says "For years I had seen the popularity of 'What Color is Your Parachute' by Richard Bolles with career seekers everywhere, but often thought it really created a new set of questions with few answers. Worse it did not provide a methodology to find yourself and the answers. So that is why we jumped at the chance to publish Mary's book, even though she lives far away and it is not our typical genre. But like many of our business titles, it is a practical How to Do It book. In this case, a practical results-oriented workbook to find yourself, your motivation, your skill sets and your inspiration from the scriptures to pick yourself up and pursue a new and much more rewarding direction in life."

For years the western world has sent Christian missionaries to Africa. Now it is refreshing to see how that knowledge and messages are applied and reflected back to help all of us anywhere in the world. It took someone who grew up in a foster home and herself doing Christian charity work to develop this book. Initially it was to guide her own students who grew up not knowing what possible careers were out there. Rather than just saying "Pray for guidance" she has laid out specific passages that already cover many of the needs, motivations, attitudes and directions for your life and hence your career. But, as it turns out, it is not just students trying to find a successful career path. Many adults are still seeking, or seeking to change to something more personally rewarding, and so this book is now applicable to most all adults seeking spiritual guidance on their path to success.

Foden Press is an independent, friendly, international publisher based in Northern California, and may be reached at Call +1-209-742-2394. Professional reviewers are invited to request review copies of any title. I Have a Calling  (ISBN # 978-1-937972-05-9) may be ordered directly from Foden Press. Plus they are available at and bookstores worldwide. They are distributed internationally by Ingram Micro.

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