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How Kelvyn Got His Name
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June 9th, 2009, Silicon Valley, CA: Foden Press today announced the release of How Kelvyn Got His Name written by Rosie Reay and illustrated by Candice McMullan.  The book is an educational and fun read for bright young readers and will illuminate the world of naming, offering a chance to learn new meanings, word roots and creating new names, as well as discovering new places and real locations. It is Book 1 of The Chimona Chronicles series.

The story is set on the banks of Lake Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada and a resort where the Okanagan Lakeside Kids chase errant golf balls. But these are no ordinary children, these are the critters of the lakeside. The leader of the gang is Chimona, an enterprising little chipmunk and a big brother to a pair of artistic and giddy twin sisters who drive their brother nuts. Chimona’s best pal is Gopher One, a truly brave and cool character with one huge problem — he doesn’t have a name to call his very own. So Chimona decides to embark on a project to create a uniquely special name for his best friend and the twins’ favourite gopher.

Throughout the story you will meet a variety of lakeside critters that all play different roles within the community. Mrs. Porcupine runs a shop that does brisk business, Hodgekiss Drake is the cultured Professor, Okando Owl dispenses advice and is a font of knowledge, Jack Crow delivers the mail and let’s not forget the chipmunk and gopher families. Within these lively pages there is also a complete long poem entitled The Squirrel from Wirral. The book is an imaginative tale that can be enjoyed by children and parents alike.

“This story was inspired by a real road trip to Canada some years ago,” explains Rosie Reay. “In fact, we actually stayed at the Okanagan Resort on the banks of the lake! I just knew there had to be a story in all those gophers that so confidently roamed the little golf course. Little did I know it would bring so many critters to life, let alone trigger a whole series of books to follow.”

With British roots, Rosie also felt that it was imperative that her British voice was retained in the writing of the story. Rosie Reay currently lives in the olive and mandarin countryside between Barcelona and Valencia, Spain above the lovely Ebro River Valley. Surrounded by her own crowd of pets, she actually does work as a professional U.S. Naming Consultant! (See In addition, Rosie helps Spanish students to perfect their English and writes a charming blog (, as well as articles and marketing materials for the English community in that part of the country.

Candice McMullan is an up and coming young illustrator based in Alberta, Canada. Young children will surely identify with her drawings when their parents read this story and show them her pictures. Kyra Dawson (, the editor of the series, is based in British Columbia and helps keep the Canadian details straight.

How Kelvyn Got His Name is available for immediate download, as it is being released as an eBook first. So it’s a perfect surprise for Dad to have on his laptop to entertain the youngsters when they get restless during the summer travels.

Based in California, Foden Press is an independent publisher of both children and marketing books. Marketing titles include Brighter Names: Naming for the Average Propeller Head, Brighter Branding: Branding for the Average Propeller Head and Spreadsheet Marketing: Planning for Success. They may be reached at or 650-704-8181.


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