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Tale of the Lost Swan Egg
Book 1: Persimmon Tales




"Oh how the royal swans come to life....AMF"




by Kyra Dawson with illustrations by Candice McMullan

Another fun, educational, kids travel tale of critters in the park.

Another great kids tales of critters come to life, in this case in Stanley Park in Vancouver Canada.

Here are Vanessa's comments:

I read the Book and must say, I'm in love!!!! I found it very amusing, clever, and fun!! You don't know how many times I laughed out loud!! I love, love, love the characters. They are very endearing and memorable. Their antics made me laugh!! This is going to be a best seller. I like how you used imagery- I felt like I was there - and also, how you used elements of our modern society, such as the blackberry, SPN and The Tattler. That was cute. I have many favorite moments, like when Persimmon took the pic of the Hummimgbird, and his eyes were wide-eyed and surprised looking.

Also when Hector crowed about "raccoons wear masks, raccoons are villains, raccoons are tricksy"... too funny!! And when you wrote how Persimmon had to stop his brain from "gathering wool.". There are so many other humorous parts, that I truly enjoyed. With this story, I was drawn in and immersed in it. As I read, I went through a full range of emotions, from hopeful, to curious and in suspense. 

Kyra, I must say, you really know how to write a story. I'm glad that you never gave up on your dream of writing. That would have been a great loss to literature and to all of us. You have persevered through many trials and tribulations, and still somehow managed to bang out such quality. Many praises!! Your work is a joy to read. Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of this charming read. I so look forward to many more Persimmon Tales. Keep it up!!!

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This is a most delightful, informative, and well put together children's book. It is refreshing to read a fictional story that subtly includes so many real facts for children to easily learn from. Kyra has truly brought 3-D to children's literature! Great depth of character, use of descriptive words and, inclusion of factual information. The story and characters come alive and draw you right into the plot. Both of my boys took delight in hearing and learning from this wonderful story.

Vicki J., Canada, Mother of two busy boys

persimmon and friends

Remember the books your parents read to you when you were sick to make you feel better? They were heart-warming and endearing but written so long ago you had to stop your parents every few minutes to ask, "What's that?". The Tale of the Lost Swan Egg will be sure to become one of your child's favorite, "Read me a story," books, but written in today's miraculous world they will be sure to understand.  It's a great read for all.

Sean H.

Above is a photo of the author with her daughter in Stanley Parl with a real live swan.

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Rosie Reay is editor of The Persimmon Tales series.

PS Ideal for grandparents too!


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Kyra Dawson crafts into her tale modern day gadgets and  shows how useful they really are in an adventure. One of my favourite moments is where she brings the Hummingbird into the story and nails its quirky mannersims to the T. The cover picture did make me smile as the black swan legs did remind me of the nuns legs from my convent school days in Africa and all their white finery of their habits (a.k.a clothing). But this is what Kyra does so cleverly with imagery. It is like she is holding the reader in the palm of her hands and stretches their imaginations.

Teachers could have so much fun in the classroom with this book with different children taking the parts of the different characters, all the while learning about these wonderful creatures that roam and swim and play in Stanley Park, Vancouver. I felt I was right there with them. Oh, but I wish I really was - it sounds such a fun place to visit to relax and explore and dream. I am so jealous of all those critters who have made it their home! Kyra Dawson you have done a smashing job in penning this adventure.

But there are still so many other wonderful illustrations and scenes of lovable characters like Penelope, Gilly, and oh I am a big fan of Mercutio, and also pesty one's like the Racoons - but you will love them one and all.

Now who do these names belong to? Are there any others? Oh yes, definitely! But if I was to tell you, it would spoil the story. You need to go read this book. Plus this is just the first book in the Persimmon Tales and we all look forward to the second one due out in summer of 2011.

...Rosie Reay (Editor and Author of The Chimona Chronicles)

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