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Salquin to the Rescue
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Book 2 of The Chimona Chronicles Salquin to the Rescue released

Rosie Reay and the critters are up to it again!

August 31st, 2010, Mariposa, CA: Foden Press today announced the long awaited release of Salquin to the Rescue written by Rosie Reay and illustrated by Candice McMullan. This is the second book in the much loved Chimona Chronicles series of books for young readers and tells another story of the OLKs (Okanagan Lakeside Kids), this time helping with a rescue on the lake itself.

During the search for a vacationing Scottish family, a mystery unfolds which boggles the residents of the Lakeside. The clever Chimona, the lively Kelvyn, and their Blue Raven friend Salquin, find themselves tracking down the answer by following the signs and interpreting footprints. Poems penned by Rosie Reay have become a trademark of these fascinating books, and the extended poem Firelogs Burning  is featured in this one.

This book takes you on a vacation and an adventure all at once. Once again, fans of the book can explore the world of Okanagan Lakeside. The wonderfully fun characters are all profiled on the companion website along with a glossary of terms, words and places mentioned in the book. As usual, there is a mixture of familiar and new characters.

 “The inspiration for Chimona and his friends actually came from a family vacation in Canada" says Rosie.  "We stayed at the Lakeside Resort and the golf course that was home to a gaggle of gophers. I remember the banks of the lake quite well, but who would have known that trip would trigger a whole treasure trove of stories filled with a community of jovial critters!”

Rosie now lives near Barcelona in Spain where she is surrounded by olives, mandarins, and her own crowd of pets, busy weaving tales of chipmunks, gophers and bears. She also works as a professional U.S. Naming Consultant for and helps Spanish students perfect their English.

Candice McMullan is an up and coming young illustrator based in Alberta, Canada. Once again, young children will surely identify with her drawings while their parents read this story. Kyra Dawson (, the editor of the series, is based in British Columbia and helps keep the Canadian details straight.
Based in California, Foden Press is an independent publisher of both children and marketing books. Visit them at or by phone at 650-960-0811. Ebook versions of The Chimona Chronicles books are available for immediate download, with print editions to follow shortly.

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