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A Very Scary Christmas
A Scriborium Short Story Anthology




"Rosie Reay is great - the kids love her books, can't wait for the next one!"
A mother in Wales




Editor in Chief: Kyra Dawson

A Collection of Scary Christmas stories for the whole family

(not recommended for younger children)

This is the first of what we hope will be an annual anthology of short stories by members of the Scriborium Writer's Guild. The only instructions were that it should be a short story in the horror or paranormal genre, with some sort of Christmas connection.

Amazingly, the seven stories here seem to have a similar tone and pace, even though the writers by and large don't know each other, and most have not worked together before. So you can read them one by one in any order, or you can sit down and read it like a novel with some very divergent scenes.

Mark Sheldon You did it Again
William Topek That Holiday Spirit
Rosie Reay Christmas reunion at Villa El Figuearal
Sean Hayden The Ghost of Xmas Last
Athol Foden Windy Lights
David Govett The Christmas Card
Kyra Dawson I'll Be Home for Xmas


Fabulous new kids book

The Scriborium Guild is a loose collection of independent writer and authors and editors, most of whom have been published but are not yet famous. We strive to help one another through this interactive society with articles and references, as well as occasionally a real challenge - like writing a short story for this anthology - at short notice and in a genre that may be new to you!

We do say writers and authors as some of our members are keener on short stories, magazine writing or journalism, while others aspire to write for TV or film.


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Kyra Dawson (The Brighter Scribe) is editor of this series.

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