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"Thank you for making these spreadsheets available at such a reasonable price." ....J.D.






When you are not a dummy and know how to use spreadsheets, but don't have time to create and debug all your own, here is a book full of handy practical spreadsheets.

Sure you can make your own any time. But how long does it take you to make and test a colorful spreadsheet that can be shared in a company?

And don't forget all the checklists for business plans, trade shows, product launches, etc.

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Discover: Spreadsheets can do many more things than you thought and fill in a lot of little holes until MIS caters to your every whim.

Checklists: For many marketing items, you just need checklists based on experience, not big old textbooks of theory!

Analyze: Check plans for tradeshows, product launches, public relations, etc etc. Great help when you work alone in a small company or department.

Implement: Expense forms, commission reports, sales forecasts, inventory reports, advertising and media schedules, project control.

Organize: Calendars, planning lists, phone area codes, metric and other conversion spreadsheets.

Accounting: Time cards, invoices, purchase orders, quotations, packing lists. Anyone can do them, and they are a lot prettier than Quickbooks.

Strategize: Lay out all your marketing campaigns for advertising, trade shows, direct mail, P.R., etc, and see all the schedules, the ROI and the responsible parties.

Excel Forms, Samples, CheckLists and Templates: A complete book of checklists and samples, all tested in real life business situations. Plus a complete set of ready to use templates in Excel format.

Customer Quotes:

"I loved all your spreadsheets" ........Athol's former President

"Great tradeshow planning tool. Right there the book was worth it. We used your plan, tweaked it for ourselves and sent it to all offices, in just a few hours"........Nadine - Trade show manager.

"Product Managers are always at a loss as what else to do and how to keep track of all the loose ends. This really helps my in my job" ….Network product manager.

"I feel like a much more senior manager now that I have checklists to quickly glean the tactical steps an experienced business planner uses" …….Business planning student.

Version 3 available for immediate usage.

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