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Are there Wheelchairs in Heaven?
And other questions to ask your gods









  • Have we Americanized god?
  • Do different gods rule different parts of the world?
  • Why is our choice of god really dependent on where we were born?
  • Don't those other religions have funny beliefs and habits?
  • Don't we too?
  • What is going on?
  • How can we believe the details of our religion without first zooming out and seeing if we picked the right one?
  • Have we finished narrowing down religion to just a few major gods?
  • Are they compatible?

A very old debate has had us discussing for years whether God made our brains or our brains made our gods.

No one can prove this idea either way, yet we fervently believe in aspects of religion we choose to believe in - without even knowing if these ideas are right or just a big comfort in the sky.

Use this little booklet of questions to kick start your religious search or discussion group. At least use it to open your eyes to the idiosyncracies of your own religion before you criticize others. There is room for brief notes after each question, so ideal for starting any religious studies group.

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