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Children's Titles - The Chimona Chronicles

When you care what your children read. When you want to enjoy reading to them too. When you want to share in stories for youngsters that introduce new places, travel and other location or educational tidbits. Then this series with its matching great illustrations will be perfect for your family.

Introduce your children to books that connect to real things, animals and places in the world. Help them find locations on a map. Have them explore the personalities of the little character critters that come alive, while always helping them extend their vocabulary.

But keep the fun level up with real stories and great illustrations. A series of books with some common threads as the characters travel around the world, starting from Canada.

In a similar veign, coming soon, The Persimmon Tales by Kyra Dawson, are set initially in Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada. Watch this site.


Marketing & Branding Business Titles

When you are not a dummy, but never studied the subject in college.

When you have so many ideas in your head that it often spins like a propeller.

When you would rather learn from a business professional who has done it, than from a writer whose real career is writing and not the subject matter at hand.

Then we hope we have a title for you.


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