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I Have a Calling
Must know ingredients for success

A workbook inspired by the Scriptures to find your life and career

Ideal for the student seeking his or her first career, or the working adult looking for a new direction in life. Provides a great framework for career guidance people, especially those associated with a Christian school or church.

A must read for people feeling lost when they suffer a midlife career crisis. Use the exercises and chosen passages from the Scriptures to find your place in life. God is there to guide you - so listen to the right parts of his magic words.

Author: Mary Wamaitha
Editor: Greg Marus

ISBN: 978-1-937972-05-9


Only $8.99
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A Very Scary Christmas
A Scriborium Short Story Anthology

A collection of short stories by members of the Scriborium Writers' Guild.

What happens when you take seven published, but not yet well known authors, and give them this charter with a tight deadline: Write a short story in the horror or paranormal genre with a Christmas angle? This collection is the result and it is amazing how each has found a different theme to explore, yet the series feels like they knew each other well.

Some of the stories are scarier than others. Some are shorter than others. It all depends on your own bakground and point of view. But all make for a pleasant read, especially during the holiday times. So curl up by the fire with your laptop, iPad or Kindle and enjoy a story each night.

Editor: Kyra Dawson
Writers: Mark Sheldon, William Topek, Rosie Reay, Sean Hayden, Athol Foden, David Govett, Kyra Dawson

ISBN: 978-0-9710157-6-0

Not recommended for very young children.

Only $7.99
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Has Anyone Seen Kelvyn?
Book 3 - The Chimona Chronicles

Peace and quiet had finally settled once more over the lakeside. The weary MacKnavery family had finally been rescued after a harrowing night on the lake during a storm. Everyone had banded together during this family's hour of need, proving the bonds of friendship and comunity are strong within the Okanagan Lakeside.

Yes, all was well that ends well, and the MacKnaverys had decided to end their Okanagan adventure with super BBQ dinner. Chimona and Kelvyn had been invited and you know tha Kelvyn was going to eat to his heart's content. In fact, it is his tummy that lands him in a pickle, and the OLKs and the whole Lakeside are in for a surprise they did not see coming.

Oh, and what about Kelvyn? Read this book to see why he is in for the time of his life. For those who cannot read yet, follow along as usual with the detailed illustrations that tell a story by themselves.

Author: Rosie Reay
Ilustrator: G.W. Foden

ISBN 978-0-9710157-3-9

Only $7.99
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Brighter Branding
Best Practices for the Smaller Business

If you are not a dummy but did not study marketing or branding at college, then this book may be just for you. Unlike other similar texts, this book is not biased to a particular author's background. In fact, it rather shows how PR, tradeshows, websites, product design, promotions, service and support are all key elements in building a brand. And it certainly is not about money or advertising.

On top of that, it provides actual process and methods for you to analyze your brand values, strengths and weaknesses. How to position yourself and speed up all decision-making by maintaining a tight focus on your core values and your brand promise.

Written by a former systems analyst and techie, this book breaks the often esoteric and not very intuitive steps of branding down into practical tactical steps any company can implement on a shoe string.

Author: Athol M. Foden
Editor: Rosie Reay

ISBN 978-0-9710157-4-6

Only $15.95
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Brighter Names
Pragmatic Naming for the Smaller Business

If you are not a dummy but did not study marketing or branding at college, then this book may be just for you. Now you too can run a full professional naming project inside your own company. Learn how the trick to finding one great name is to process many names. Here is the complete process on how to track those names and whittle the list down, with proper legal checks each step of the way.

Shows how to get executive buy-in via a unique voting system that has been proven every day by naming professionals covering all sorts of product and company areas.

Author: Athol M. Foden
Editor: Rosie Reay

ISBN 978-0-9710157-8-4

Only $15.95
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Brighter SEO
Organic Search Engine Optimization for the Smaller Business

Start learning all the key concepts of what anyone can do to improve their search engine rankings. Will you be on page 1 or 2 of a Google or Yahoo search, or will you be lost way down in the noise? It is not accidental where you end up. You do not need to pay an offshore team to jigger the system -in fact that may now be a negative. This guide takes a step by step building block approach to creating your search engine pyramid. See how each piece is key, even though that might not be so obvious.

No dirty tricks, no behind the scenes shannigans. Just the proper way the web was meant to work and the way Google finds and ranks you, coupled with what are good marketing practices anyway. No need to be a programmer or web designer, but do be careful what they are doing to your site if you are not watching.

The exact same practical advice on which Athol built two businesses by using these low cost (almost free)lead generation techniques.

Authors: Athol M. Foden and Ben R. Foden

ISBN 978-0-9710157-9-1

Only $15.95
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Tale of the Lost Swan Egg
Book 1 - Persimmon Tales

These are the first of the adventures of critters coming to life in Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada. Read how Persimmon organizes his friends to help look for the lost swan egg. See if you can guess where it is and how to find it, not to mention return it safely.

At the same time you will enjoy all the animals and birds as each has an interesting name, home and personality in the real Stanley Park. Watch for them next time you visit them. See how the animal kingdom by the lagoon and sea wall are not that different from the human species that visits.

Perfect to read with or to your children or grandchildren. The younger ones will follow along via the lovely illustrations. They will also remember that some of these little animals have human belongings like cell phones and cameras. Also like humans, some like the water and some don't. Some like dogs and others are scared of them. .

Author: Kyra Dawson
Ilustrator: Candice McMullan

ISBN 978-0-9710157-2-2

Only $7.99
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Kelvyn Chronicles new kids book

See Back Cover

How Kelvyn Got His Name
Book 1 - The Chimona Chronicles

The story of how the Lake Okanagan critters come to life. A great story for early readers - 75 pages with illustrations. A lovely story that is also educational, showing kids how decisions are made, how to get advice and help, how to organize a meeting and have fun with names and places too. A fun kid's book about naming.

Parents, you will love it too. At least the first few times! Involve the younger ones through the characters and the illustrations when you read to them. Help them with the locations and glossary of new words. Load it on your laptop for the next roadtrip, then surprise the younglings when they get restless.

Author: Rosie Reay
Ilustrator: Candice McMullan

ISBN 978-0-9710157-0-8


Only $7.99
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Kelvyn Chronicles new kids book

See Back Cover

Salquin to the Rescue
Book 2 - The Chimona Chronicles

In Book 1 we learned all about the fun little critters of Lake Okanagan as they were brought to life. Now we see them in action, we see them solve a mystery, and we see them help some resort guests. Yes, they interact well with real people, and have similar lives. They will probably remind you of other kids and adults you know..

Parents, you will love it too as it also helps kids relate numbers as identifiers for things. And it is a lot easier to read over and over to your kids if you enjoy the story too.You might even miss the clues your first time through as well..

Author: Rosie Reay
Ilustrator: Candice McMullan

ISBN 978-0-9710157-1-5

Only $7.99
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