Early Reader Books

First book in the Chimona Chronicles series… where the critters of Lake Okanagan come alive and help Kelvyn pick a name.

Written by our own Rosie Reay of EbroVoice – the renowned international English Tutor. Ideal for early readers and for grandparents to read to younger kids.

Available on Amazon Kindle collection by Rosie Reay.

Once again Rosie Reay visits the critters of Lake Okanagan as they come to life in this delightful tale and interact with the local boat keeper and tourists.

In this second book in the series, the critters interface and work with their human friends too to deal with their boating challenges.

By now you probably have your personal favorite critter from Lake Okanagan, but what role will they play in finding Kelvyn? Yes, he gets lost. But how and where? Is he still on the big resort property? In town? Suffering an emergency? Or gone travelling?

Available on Amazon Kindle collection by Rosie Reay.

Small Business Books

If you are not a dummy, but were too busy studying science or engineering or finance to cover branding in college, here is the practical, tactical cookbook. It is based on good, sound, simple strategies to get you up to speed fast.

Author: Athol M. Foden President and Naming Director of Brighter Naming.

You know the right name is out there. One your lawyers will sign off on. That will have the right tone and image. Here is a methodology to drive you and your management to solve your product or company naming challenges.

Author: Athol M. Foden President and Naming Director of Brighter Naming.

Short Stories

Some of these stories are shorter than others, some are scarier than others. Whether or not these tales will frighten or unnerve you all depends on your own background and point of view, but each one makes for an entertaining read. 

Includes short stories from Rosie Reay and Athol Foden, as well as our editor Kyra Dawson and other members of the Scriborium.

The breakout short story from A Very Scary Christmas, Rosie Reay takes you on a family dinner you will never forget. In fact you will learn via this whirl wind tour of Spain, Catalunya, with a taste of England and Africa throw in too, how diverse and interesting her family really is, since the characters are only thinly disguised

Available in English and Dutch on Amazon Kindle collection by Rosie Reay.

Other Fun Reads

If you could make only one phone call to the heaven hotline, what would it be? Would you try validating your religion? Your god? Your belief in heaven? Or would you want to know why those other religions have such funny customs? And which ones are right? Does it matter which religion you choose even though most of us simply inherit our parent’s choice – which is usually based on geography and not anything any cleverer than that?

Download this book today and read it on the way to the sales conference or business meeting. You are still going to struggle as a beginner in golf, but at least you won’t make a complete idiot of yourself, nor will you anger your playing partners by holding them up too much.

All Foden Press books are available for download in Kindle format from your local Amazon site.